How to look after your pet cloud unicorn.

How to look after your pet Cloud Unicorn.

Cloud unicorns are very sweet and loving, they do not need lots of attention, they are well behaved and will do anything for something sweet.


You will need: plenty of space, lots of marshmallow and sweet food.

What to do

First you need to have lots of space for it to roam around. For bedding they will sleep on a cloud of soft, fluffy cotton balls. Their pillow will need to be Marshmallow.

Next you need to feed it every morning lots of marshmallow in melted ice-cream . For lunch they eat  marshmallow sandwiched with a candy floss filling, their side dish will need to be a packet of sweets or chocolate and whipped cream.  For their dessert they eat  a big lolly pop the size of an air horn.

After that you need to give them a drink because they will thirsty . Cloud unicorn’s favourite drink is cream soda.  For dinner they have a late snack of sweets.

Finally they need entertaining. Cloud unicorns like to fly to a cloud, snuggle in and watch the world go by.


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