How look after a unicorn

Have you ever wanted a weird pet? A pet that is worth a Guinness world record? Well you have come to the right place.However, this creature is the most difficult thing to train.

How do you start.

Well from our studies depending on which unicorn you want to be your let is a different matter.Like a fairy dust unicorn is quite easy to train.On the other hand the storm trooper unicorn is the most dangerous to train.One wrong thing you will be dead in a heart beat.

What you will need-  A license to be there trainer and owner and plenty of food.

What to do.

.You will need your dragon to gain your trust maybe start my letting it sniff you or you letting it approaching you.

.Then put of its food and after a couple of days you can figure out when it likes to eat and when it doesn’t.

.For the food put out there charms from your local unicorn shop.

.After that, you will need a large bucket to put in there water.

.Finally, When it’s meal has been prepped put it down and keep a safe distance because a hungry  unicorn isn’t a safe one.

.For a final note all of these tips will not all be done in one day like the trust for an example.Please stay safe and know have strong you are and the unicorns safety.


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