How to look after a cerberus!

Have you ever wanted three dogs in one? Well, a Cerberus is perfect for you! With a bit of training and plenty of treats you can have the perfect pet! If you would like one go to Here you can claim your first Cerberus pup 50% off! This pet will be perfect and can sleep with you! (WARNING: IF YOU GIVE YOUR CERBERUS TOO MUCH FOOD IT WILL NOT BE A HAPPY PUP!) 

What you will need: Three collars, a bag of training treats, lots of toys, a large pet bed (with three pillows) and food/food bowls.  

  • When you first take your pet home it will need some food so it can get used to being fed in a different environment.
  • After it’s  had it’s food it will need some rest so the food can digest and then when out of it’s bed take it straight out for a walk to burn off some energy! 


After your pup has ran around the house a bit it’s time for training! Grab your bag of training  treats and start! If you know how to train a dog it should be easy. But if you can not train your pup I suggest an online trainer that you can hire. Once your pet is tired from training it will need another nap (they need at least 4 naps a day) if your pup doesn’t go to sleep it will be really teasy. So I do suggest letting it getting it’s rest! Once the day is over complete this routine again but with more naps and walks. If you complete this everyday you should end up with a really well behaved cerberus! Good luck!

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