Three headed dog

Have you ever wanted to keep a interesting pet? Then you need a three headed dog . However they need a lot of care.

you will need a pile of food, a massive bed and a lead that is a chain.

A three headed dog must eat 3 lions a day because he would be staving.

They need to live in a dark, cold conditions because they are viscous animals.

If they don’t get attention they will try ruin your house so be careful.

3 Responses to “Three headed dog”

  1. 1) I like how you added what the weather conditions have to be.
    2) Does the three headed dog eat more than just lions?
    3) To make this even better you could add more detail about the appearance of the the three headed dog.

  2. 1) I like how you chose a three headed dog instead of a dragon or a unicorn.
    2) What do you have to do so they will be nice and not ruin your house?
    3) I think you could have made this longer.

  3. 1)This is so amazing. I like the description.
    2)Could you make it longer?
    3)To make it even better, don’t forget capital letters.

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