Part 1

As Jeff and Jimmy boarded the sky-ship they shook with fear. They looked at each other as if they were about to face their biggest fears. Jeff cut the rope holding the sky-ship down and they were off into the crystal clear sky. Jeff was terrified and Jimmy had gotten over his fear of heights and now wasn’t even afraid. Through the journey Jimmy comforted Jeff and helped him stay calm. Suddenly the ships propellers stopped and Jeff and Jimmy fell to the ground. Jimmy got a scratch on his right knee and Jeff got a bruise on his left elbow but overall they were OK. Then all of a sudden a mysterious figure stepped forward from the cave next to them. It was small and fluffy. It looked quite old as well. Then it stepped forward towards the light and Jeff and Jimmy saw… Jazzy the dog who had snuck onto the ship when they boarded and when the ship crashed she ran into the cave when they were looking at their injuries. But then the real problem happened…

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