Steel nightmares

The Airship was falling and falling. Sheldon and Penny had found that the airship was diving towards a big patch of rocky ground. CRACK! Went the airship, it crash landed straight on the sharp, deadly rocks. Sheldon was the first to look around, he saw the remains of what looked like an ancient city. “ Woah look at this!” Said Sheldon. Penny looked around and also saw the destruction, there were cracked houses and burnt down churches.

The building which caught Sheldon and Penny’s eye was the temple, it was the only building which was in tact. It must have been the kings temple because it was covered in gold and jewels, with a giant tower on top. They walked inside, the walls were covered with dark green vines. Sheldon stared at the old rusty armour stands, decorated on the armour were ancient, dusty jewels gleaming a tiny bit in the dim light.  Though Penny frozen, was staring at complete darkness. “What’s wrong Penny?” Said Sheldon calmly. “I think there is something in the darkness. “ whispered a worried Penny. Then they both saw a steel hand emerging from the darkness, and they heard one word from the steel warrior… delete!

by Ben

3 Responses to “Steel nightmares”

  1. February 25, 2021 at 2:22 pm

    Love your vocab and your onamatepia with crash

  2. I love your piece of writing.I especially like the way that you described the amor. Have you tried using ” The Airship was falling down as fast as … ” because I think it would make your writing even better?

  3. I like the part where you are talking about the sharp rocks and the mysterious place

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