Episode two – The Gem of Protection

The skyship creaked as it rocked on the point of a tall spire. Hurriedly, Xanthe and Alfie clambered to their feet as harsh rain pelted the ship. Suddenly, the crew heard a crumbling and then a creak followed by an ear-splitting crack! In a flash, the skyship toppled off the side of the building and fell to the ground.

Lying at the foot of the ship, a dingy cave lined with bioluminescent glow worms stretched through a mountain. Xanthe looked up at the tower they’d fallen from. It was made from cracking stone overgrown with ivy. At the top there was a platform lying beneath the spire. On the platform a strange blue light emanated from a cage. Xanthe nudged Alfie. How had they not realized? They stood gawping at the tower for three minutes wondering how they would convince the captain to let them go off by themselves. This was the thing they had been looking for for months; one of only two  things that could protect them from the skyship’s curse. The Gem Of Protection. Finally, they made up their minds. Xanthe and Alfie grabbed fistfuls of ivy and clambered up to the top of the tower.

Alfie reached for the gem, but it was too late. The curse was setting in….

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  1. Well done, Peony – I love your vocabulary choices and it’s very dramatic.
    Remember to put a comma after a fronted adverbial.

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