Where did I land

I didn’t know where I was. Was I in a jungle? The hissing of snakes echoed around my head in the darkness.

Was I in a volcano? The heat was almost smothering us as we walked on, not knowing where to place each trembling foot.

After many weeks of trying to figure where we were, I finally figured it out: the enchanted forest!

”Captain what should we do? I think we should try and get out of here,” I suggested remembering everything my Grandpa had told me about the place.

Captain agreed. But no sooner than we could begin to hatch a plan to escape, someone yelled:

“Run, wolf!”

Barking and frantic scratching from the wolves was all around us. They were charging like flashes of lightning. Strike! Running a full speed! And then, CLAP the wolf’s jaw snapped onto someone’s leg. An ear splitting scream.

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