The Star Grazer’s Story

We all boarded the Star-Grazer of course it didn’t really graze stars, I’d love if it did though then again it would be so much more money to spend. It’s still so wonderful at night it’s got the best views. I looked round and thought I was going onto the biggest ship with all my friends I could not wait to get on since it’s so expensive we where the only people aboard. It was all to our selves.

We boarded the huge ship there were so many people welcoming us abroad, my gosh I would love to work on this ship even if you get low to decent amounts of money for working. Here you wouldn’t pay to climb onto this amazing billion pound ship well, guess it would be your job wouldn’t it?

We had a tour I memorized every room every area every activity to do on the ship where the bar is where not to go, everything. The first thing me and my friends did was football we wanted to know what football would be like in the air but the ship’s was that good we didn’t feel a thing, still good fun though.

It was 3 P.M we didn’t do anything amazing played some games did some other sports and had a laugh however we wanted to see the escape room so we all had a look in there. Then the parents and workers came bursting in and activated the lock code they screamed to us “Dragon attack!”  We were all running wild  then. The sound engulfed out ears. BANG! CRASH! BOOM!

The dragons broke into the escape room I went faint…

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