Crash Landing

Chapter 2 – The Crash

Alfie Swarbrick

Alfie peered over the rusty, brown railing as the enormous sky ship span in the crisp air. After a while, a warm breeze whipped Alfie’s short hair. Thick layers of moss snaked on the grey wall which held the perimeter. Trying to get off, Alfie noticed eagles scavenging meat from deer and ripping the flesh off it. Alfie grimaced in disgust as he nervously got down the metal ladder. He walked through the huge gate and on the floor in front of him, were weapons of gladiators with their names engraved on the stone tablets (Victors Flail and Beastfang). He imagined being an ancient gladiator, clashing his sword at his rival. His nose was visited by the smell of smoke hanging around the air. What was this place? From the dome shaped roof, a thumping noise echoed, Alfie and Liam turned to look. They stared at the roof. Frozen to the spot, they were terrified.

2 Responses to “Crash Landing”

  1. Good descriptive language but you keep starting your sentences with Alfie

  2. I like how you described the your ship i think it sounds amazing.

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