The stargrazer is damaged and wounded and can’t maintain altitude for much longer. The ship’s provisions are running low soon we will either plummet to our death, die of frostbite or starve to death. There was no possibility of survival or so it may seem. But one thing is certain we have to make a decision about the ivory dragon on deck.

It is now three days after the decision was made. The dragon must be woken.

I am no longer aboard the stargrazer- it crashed-two of my ribs are broken along with four fingers and one arm, pain is so immense I wonder at the divine will giving me strength to carry on moving.

Seven days after crash, I am bruised and battered and barely surviving. Waking the dragon was a bad choice it ate everyone but me and died after I impaled it with my bejewelled sword.

Eleven days after crash, I have lost the will to carry on in this world.

Thirteen days after crash, my hope has been restored after seeing the temple of the pale one. A place where I may heal.

I have lost count of the days after the crash and have discovered a deadly secret. I have been imprisoned and have been enchanted to eternal sleep.

In my last moments of consciousness I will tell you the secret I have discovered… life… is … nothing but… an illusion of the devil’s making God is not our saviour but our worst nightmare…….

My name is Infinium and one day I may well be… your worst nightmare!

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