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Episode two – The Gem of Protection

The skyship creaked as it rocked on the point of a tall spire. Hurriedly, Xanthe and Alfie clambered to their feet as harsh rain pelted the ship. Suddenly, the crew heard a crumbling and then a creak followed by an ear-splitting crack! In a flash, the skyship toppled off the side of the building and fell to the ground.

Lying at the foot of the ship, a dingy cave lined with bioluminescent glow worms stretched through a mountain. Xanthe looked up at the tower they’d fallen from. It was made from cracking stone overgrown with ivy. At the top there was a platform lying beneath the spire. On the platform a strange blue light emanated from a cage. Xanthe nudged Alfie. How had they not realized? They stood gawping at the tower for three minutes wondering how they would convince the captain to let them go off by themselves. This was the thing they had been looking for for months; one of only two  things that could protect them from the skyship’s curse. The Gem Of Protection. Finally, they made up their minds. Xanthe and Alfie grabbed fistfuls of ivy and clambered up to the top of the tower.

Alfie reached for the gem, but it was too late. The curse was setting in….

The Sky Ship

Odette sat in her room looking at her packed suitcases. Her jam-packed backpack was placed beside her. Muffin, her pet crocodile (1 years old) was sleeping on the end of her sheetless bed. She was going on a skyship with two of her friends, Mila and Anastacia. She walked solemnly to her window thinking about the weather being rainy and foggy , to her surprise she saw it was a sunny morning. The sun was rising behind the forest she used to play outside with her family. It was a priority for generations to come. The village believes that when a girl turns 17 they must go on a life changing adventure. The starship was being finished while Odette collected her friends from their houses.

She gulped, her face was pale, she stared out the window ignoring everything her friends were talking about. Muffin was curled up on her lap snoring loudly like a leaf blower. “Odette, earth to Odette”  Her mother was talking loudly. She had arrived at the air dock. Odette suddenly noticed that she wasn’t in a dream. All her bags were being carried onto the ship. Muffin woke with an exasperating yawn. “ Come on, put the lead on Muffin. people want to see you before you leave my sweetheart”  her mother said in a sugar coated voice.

The sound

Ty and Mariana looked at each other across the weathered deck, Mariana slowly raised her finger to her lips having heard an unbearable screeching sound in the distance. Next to Ty was a cocked crossbow, loaded with an arrow as sharp as a scalpel, and ready for action. The silver moon peeked from behind the cloud onto tense scene below it. Tension grew around them as they waited impatiently for the sound again when out of nowhere Ty took a mighty blow…

The Sky Ship part 2

The entrance to the ship was very difficult. The door was very small “for flight purposes” a lady answered in a weary voice. From that she noticed the lady was looking at her very muddled face. She finally entered after a few tugs from her friends. She looked around her; it was like entering a ballroom. Two butlers were standing beside them, one was holding a tray of fresh orange juice in glass cups and the other was holding a plate of cookies and a bucket of fish for muffin.

“Are..are you coming with us?” Mila said disturbed by the bucket of dead fish.

“No madam,” answered a butler in a very severe voice.

“We’se only stay’n until you settled in ma’am,” answered the other in a very strong cockney accent.

The three girls walked to another door saying “Bedroom” in very swirly writing. Odette seemed to have felt more secure that it looked safer than she thought.

Three beds were all centered in a circular room with two square windows on either side. Odette didn’t fancy the room so she went up to the top deck to wave to her mother. Most of the people had left but her family was still there as well as her friends’ families.

“I’m fine this is great, see you in a few months! Love you all!” she shouted. From the constant waving and blowing of kisses she knew they heard her. Muffin had already found the little pool in the corner of the ship and was swimming and splashing around.

Odette took out her tent bag and it unfolded with a press of a button. She walked inside at the front of the room. It had a half kitchen and living room and a flap into a bedroom. It had a blowup bed and a bedside table. Little did she know the starship already contained those things.

“Bleeeeeeep!, Bleeeeeeep!” All her friends headed to the top deck to wave goodbye to her parents. The ship was departing the dock when Mila noticed she forgot to bring her pet parrot Squawks. She ran to the edge of the boat and began to cry.

Sky pirates

I bet you remember the day you first set foot on an airship. When you felt the sudden rush go through your body as you left the rough earth. When you peered over the side to take a glimpse of the far away land and saw the tiny pinpricks of people scuttling around on the earth miles below. But I bet you haven’t been on an airship when you feel a chill go up your spine as you lurch from left to right. When you hopefully glance down below but only the swirling fog lies beneath you. Well, that was exactly what happened to Xanthe.

Xanthe’s knees buckled beneath her as the airship was thrown around by the harsh wind like a toy boat rocking on a pond. Nervously, she glanced over her shoulder at her older brother, Alfie, who was leaning calmly against the unstable railings surrounding the edges of the airship. Suddenly, lighting struck just ahead of the large ship and a few seconds later they were engulfed in the deathly storm.

That was the moment the sky-pirates struck. Xanthe hobbled over to Alfie, who had backed away into a corner, and took shelter under a loose piece of tarpaulin. Suddenly, cutlasses flew in all directions, bursting the troll-hide balloon that was keeping them afloat.

In a flash, the airship sunk beneath the clouds leaving just enough time for all the crew, Xanthe and Alfie to get into the crash-proof cabin. Then suddenly, “CLUNK!” The airship hit the tip of a towering building…………..


Ashley connected the wires.  it was dangerous work on an airship like this.   hopefully, it will make the animism work and if it did that would mean they will be able to spot and (hopefully) avoid any coming creatures smashing into the Sky ship; so, then they wouldn’t kill any Pegasuses they were endangered. Suddenly one of the sparks which was as red as a dragon’s eye from the wire caught fire to the rope which then bust the balloon sending them spiraling quickly down to the ground Harvy shouts get the cat. the cat in question was that cat Felix who decided to go on the adventure. the ship rapidly deployed its it is parachute but then the parachute caught fire sending him spiraling to the ground they smashed into a grey mountain sending the entire ship spinning in a horridly certain pattern to the ground.


the graces wing.

the graces wings engines flickered and sputtered and then the propelers started to move, it was gaining altitude it was spring through the sky, it was a close call from the storm that just sent them of course but the crew of the graces wing including clint how had barely traveled any were knew nearly mos every spot of land in the world but the thing they did not know was that they entering the dragon’s domain. the sky turned red and then the monsters appeared the dragons hungry for human flesh… flints one job was to try and a good engineer on the graces peak and it didn’t turn out too good. the ship was in the middle of a dragon attack when the engine failed the sh was losing great altitude and was heading in for an extremely rough landing and that’s when the backup engine kicked in. the cap,n yelled ” MAN THE HARPONS 2 as Violet ran to the harpoons launchers and loaded  a cursed harpoon and fired it into the chest of the dragon .the ship was soon on dry land as all the crew left the graces wing alone

My packing for an adventure

I’m going on adventure,

I’m going in an airship.

What shall I take I wonder?

One observant owl to watch for danger when I sleep?

Two tasty tins of treacle to stick my enemies where they stand?

Or three threatening masks to scare off the cliff gasts?

Four fearless friends to fight by my side?

Five fantastic firefly’s to light my way?

Or six sterling silver coins to buy me any resource I need?

I know, I shall take it all.



As black as the endless night,

A volcano in its mouth.


Guards endless treasure,

As evil as Voldemort.


Destroys kingdoms in a heartbeat,

As bloodthirsty as a berserker.


He has as much stamina as a polar bear,

Its wings as leathery as a biker’s jackets.



As fast as a cheetah,

As loud as an atomic bomb.



God of all dragons,

Satan’s pet.

Dreadful Dragons

Dreadful dragon


Staring down at the valleys sheep,

as dumb as a dog he creeped,


His talons like fierce hot daggers,

Taring open the worlds surface,


Scales like silver shields,

as blood red as king Gorges red-coats,


His muscly tail whips around in the harsh wind,

like a red blood coated whip,


Cave as pitch black as Cole in the night,

Stalactites hung from the sealing like sleeping bats,


In the day the sun glints on the golden treasure,

Glow worms travel the cave glimmering on silver coins,


Standing proudly on his dark grey rock,

Like an eagle on a mounting peak,


Leather wings beat in the winter wind,

like rubbery trampolines,


Black eyes of madness,

like pools of bubbling tar,