Temporal Dragons

Are you bored of watching your goldfish swim around and around every day?

Have you ever dreamt of having your own pet that will always keep you entertained?

Then go to the deepest, darkest corner of your garden, slide down the secret spiralling slide and do the magic knock to enter the most curious shop, ‘Underground Depths.’ Here you will find your perfect Temporal Dragon. But first you need to know the secrets of how to look after these amazing, mysterious creatures.

First, you will need a huge outdoor space because these creatures need to take long run ups to jump into different time zones. Airport runways are good for this but clearings in forests are more familiar for them and will make them feel at home It’s also a good idea to have a river or lake nearby in case of any fiery accidents.

Next, make sure you have an endless supply of different fresh meats for your dragon so that she doesn’t get hungry. If this happens, dragons get mad very quickly and have been known to burn down their owners houses.

Then, get yourself a willow dragon horn. Before you let your dragon time travel, always remember to keep your willow horn around your neck. Blow this for twice. One low note followed by one high and long note. This will call your dragon back from any time zone.

Then, always make sure that there are no eels around because dragons are terrified of these long, squiggly animals. If you see one nearby, tame your dragon by rubbing it’s neck. This will calm your dragon straight away and send her to sleep.

Finally, make sure your dragon never breaths in your hair when you’re close to her because you will get burnt.


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