the adventure begins

Fin, Hazel and Isaac lived in the town of Togur with their parents. Isaac and Hazel were twins while fin was on only child. One day, Fin received a letter. ” What’s this?” He asked as he tore open the letter. It read ” meet me at the lake at 10pm, and come alone “, so Fin wore his Mum out so she would go to bed early. At 9:30pm his mum told him ” I’m heading up to bed, you can stay up a bit more if you want “, as she heaved herself up the stairs. When he could hear her snoring, he quickly packed his duffel bag and set off towards the lake. As he burst through the bushes he heard footsteps behind him. ” Stay back foul beast, I warn you, I’m armed ” , he said as he pulled his hockey stick out from his bag. Suddenly, he felt a cold hand on his shoulder. “Boo!”, said a familiar voice. As he spun his head round he saw his best friend behind him. “Isaac!”, exclaimed Fin as he saw a small boy, with blonde hair and a navy shirt with a picture of a griffin on it. ” Gotcha ” , he giggled as he started to laugh his head off.” ” How did you even know I was here?” Asked Fin. ” Hazel asked me to follow her but we got separated in the forest, when I finally got out, I saw you and decided to scare you”, “Oh”, replied Fin. Suddenly, the ground started to shake and the lake started to drain. “What’s going on?” shouted Fin. “Don’t ask me!” replied Isaac. At that moment, a skyship rose from the drained lake and they saw a dark haired girl standing at the front. ” Hazel! ” exclaimed Fin and Isaac. ” Hop on! ” she exclaimed ” I’ll explain everything soon ” , as soon as she said that, ropes shot down from the skyship and the boys started climbing.​

7 Responses to “the adventure begins”

  1. I Like the title of your story Fionn it is very cool!

  2. such a go story the introduction was the best part

  3. I love the storyline and I love the description

  4. I like your ending, it makes me want to read more

  5. You have written a brilliant poem. Maybe next time make a paragraph or two.

  6. I actually love how you wrote it I am sorry if I upset you

  7. Hi Fionn, we love your story. We approved a comment on your story that wasn’t very kind and we are very sorry about that. We have removed the comment and will make sure that we do better in the future. Keep up the great writing!

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