the crash


A talon punctured the balloon, it fell low, the Captain yelled and fled, but she couldn’t go anywhere; she just couldn’t. The Stargrazer dropped to the ground with a huge THUMP! causing a relentless echo. A market square surrounded them, abandoned and empty. They gazed to the horizon; no one was there. They couldn’t stand the silence. The moonlight slanted down onto their faces; it was blinding. The rain trickled down; it was drenching. Not even Ty could see shelter, but Mariana could. An amber light shone from a doorway, they were desperate to stay dry. They observed the room, a map lay stretched on a wooden table, a rusted suit of armor clattered from the stand and a silver chest opened to reveal two ruby  eyes…

3 Responses to “the crash”

  1. I hope you like this!

  2. I really like your punctuation and the detail of your story.

  3. very good like it a lot nice descriptive sentences

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