The jade dragon egg

Whooooosh! They flew out of the gloomy cloud and in to what seemed to be an airless vacuum that had taken their breath away.  All that was left was the golden yellow sunset of freedom and the gleaming mystical Jade Dragon egg.

As they approached Buxtonia they felt like royalty. They were the only ones to ever return from the dragon kings kingdom and to have the jade egg was even better. They landed to cheers and celebrations.

Within seconds, the Mayor announced that there would be a great feast later that evening in honour of there return.  The intrepid adventurers then went to rest and get ready for there celebrations but they couldn’t because they were still buzzing from their lucky escape from certain death.

As they walked to the great Crescent  Hall they could see a bright orange light in the distance which seemed to be getting bigger and bigger and then nothing.

A voice suddenly echoed, “DID YOU THINK I WOULD LET YOU KEEP IT”?

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