The sky ship.

You have probably been on an airship when the warm breeze flies across your face making you felt all warm and fresh ready for another airship adventure. Remember how it feels to bathe in the magnificent sun getting your nice little tan on your lags and body? I bet you’ve enjoyed the looking upon the small, tiny and mini animals looking like toys, the big, massive and giant clouds bashing against the exterior of the shop and the snowy, windy and rainy mountains wishing to go to all 3 of them one day!


But you should also try the awful winter when the cold and freezing breeze punches your face. This will probably make you have frostbite and send the chills down your spine. Although you can watch the delicate snowflakes drift down the sky’s it’s not fun being around getting very chilly. And some say they’ve seen the mighty dragon swiftly glide through the midnight sky.

And the Evil Pegasus from another dimension devour whole ships in one go!


Mike gripped the railings being flung back nearly about to actually get flung out of the ship. Not knowing what to do he searched the outside and.. saw a HUGE dragon about to throw the biggest flames ever… Then he hid in the cabin hoping the dragon would think that no one was ever here in the first place.


At that moment, the dragon spat flames of danger giving a signal that he will chomp all that ship in one single go.

Just in time, Angels swiftly descended holding shield and swords trying to kill the dragon and save our lives, but on the other hand Jesus grabbed the ship and gently placed it on a cloud safely to move on.


For a moment, nightmares thrashed about in the crew mates heads not knowing if danger was over.

Not all thoughts were good, some people thought about if the dragon had an army! Some thought the Angels were about to attack us. And some thought they were out of danger. But who knows are we?


A moment later, Everyone didn’t look so terrified. For a moment, nightmares thrashed about in the crew mates heads not knowing if danger was over.

They were having a great time.

As the sky-ship descended people loved the adventure.

A question still remained will they be safe for long? Or will they get attacked again? Good night crew mates I wonder who will jump out and attack…


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  1. very good a great storyline and i liked how Jesus helped

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