The skyship and the dragon

 I bet it’s so nice flying in the boiling hot summer sky in the clouds.

My dream is to see the cherry blossom leaves fall from below. I bet you’ve enjoyed swimming through the clouds, flying in the air and seeing the world from above. It’s a dreamy place living in the clouds of the sky…


But you should also try eating the freezing cold icacls at the bottom of the ship, Brrrrrrrrr. The winter’s snowflakes falling in front of your delicate precious eye and some say they have seen the googly eyes of the horrendous dragon.


The vicious dragon is finding his way so he can attack the skyship. The sky monster is waiting till you crash into the glacial iceberg.


I gripped the side of the ship and saw a DRAGON!!! The dragon flew to our ship. I went to notify my crew and we all grabbed our weapons, WE TORTURED THE DRAGON LEFT TO RIGHT and he finally went away, so now we went to go get a snack. At that moment, the dragon flies back to the ship and attacks. Just in time, one of the crewmates of the crew saves everyone’s life by grabbing the magic sword of light and slays the dragon.


For a moment, everyone was relieved and safe. They float  back down to land but they are searching for if the dragon attacks again. Not all thoughts were good, they were wondering if the dragon was going to come back. A moment later, the ship was dashing down on the ground. 

As the sky ship descended, everyone landed safe on land.

A question still remained, was the dragon going to come back?

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