The sky ship travel!

The Blog Challenge 

I bet you have been on a sky ship before, as you drifted through the air with the drafty wind flying right past your face. Remember when the sky was as blue as blue could ever be, the sun would beam down right on the deck of the ship.(It felt lovely as the warmth was shining down on my feet.)  Around me was beautiful flowers blooming in the sunlight -they were flowers that we one of a kind.-You should try a trip to a dessert to experience the feeling of the sky ship over there, There is also a place called the Blistery, misty, mountains which is when the fun ends, you have to face the thunder beaming down crashing right in front of you; the sound sounds like

millions of drums crashing at the same time. The white, plain snow demolished half of your leg making it disappear.The clouds were as grey as they could every be it was like it was the most ancient and loudest thing in the world. I recommend for you to go on a nice trip on the humongous sky ship to explore the different societies around the world. 


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