There were two girls in the sky ship one was called Phoebe and the other was called Evie they were best friends. They couldn’t be separated. This was their dream since they were babies, they had always wanted to go up in a sky ship and travel the world in a sky ship and now their dream has come true. They were travelling the world starting from England and going all the way around the globe. They are going to visit every interesting country and pick up a souvenir each and take them home. They were so excited until something happened … The sky ship ran out of fuel They started dropping down at 40 miles per hour. The sky ship crashed but Phoebe and Evie landed safely. They landed on the side of a volcano and the sky ship landed in the volcano… they had no reach of transportation they landed mount Etna. This is the volcano that had only exploded 3 days ago. The floor was still very hot the floor had rocks of molten lava on it.  

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