Ivy saves the day (Part 1 and a half)

Long after the sun had disappeared and the moon had risen, Ivy still hadn’t returned, the crew were starting to get worried. The weather reflected Izzie’s dismal emotions as freezing rain beat down like icy weapons on the sky ship. Thunder crackled as Izzie began to cry. Ivy was her pet; she wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her forever. What would happen if she didn’t come back? Would she be lost with the dragons forever… Days past and still Ivy had not returned  


Finally it dawned on them that their only option was to fly closer to DHQ (Dragon HQ) to try and find Ivy. It was risky but Izzie had no choice as they were all starting to lose hope. Izzie commanded the sky ship to move to the danger zone.

Seth’s Spaniel Sid, began to whine and whimper in fear. Arthur’s alpaca, Archie began to hum in horror. There was no going back now. As the skyship hovered above DHQ they heard the dragons devilish cackling as if they had a devious plan. 

Then Izzie saw Ivy amongst them. The crew were so focused on Ivy they didn’t notice the demon dragon circling their ship until they heard an ear splitting pop.

The ship started to sink. Fast. 

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