The Dragon Curse – The discovery of Monkey Island

The Dragon Curse – The discovery of Monkey Island

By Alice, St Anne’s Primary


Katy and Lucy were extremely anxious as they stepped back on the massive Sky ship.  Callum gave Lucy and Katy a reassuring look and set co-ordinates to the next destination on their map, Monkey Island. Unexpectedly as they flew into the distance, they suddenly realised that they were flying into a stormy tornado. Lucy tumbled and hit the hard deck, the iridescent dragon crystal (that was in Lucy’s hand) shattered on the ground, slowly the devious demon like dragon floated out but because it was a fire dragon it wasn’t killed by them it was killed by the freezing heavy rain and because they didn’t kill it, they got cursed with bad luck. As quick as a mouse escaping from its predator lightning struck on the sky shipbadly damaging the deck and the air balloon making it crash onto Monkey Island.  


As the sun rose everybody looked at the ship to see how much damage the lighting did to the ship on that dreadful night, they got cursed but it seemed the cursed had worn off or had it? as the ship kept falling apart. Callum the sky ship Captain and leader of the ship ordered Katy and Lucy thelp him set up a shelter while the rest of the crew went to explore the temple to see if they could find the diamonds of the ancient ruler of the island’s monkeys. So as the team split up Callum, Lucy and Katy went to look for materials to build the shelter as the crew set of to find the diamonds in the temple which luckily doesn’t have a curse to offer to everybody again. Lucy looked around at the beautiful sight of palm trees coconuts and bananas hanging from the trees as she saw a group of monkeysKaty CallumKaty and Lucy decided to take them to join them on the sky ship, in the book of legends they are rumoured to be good luck 


They ventured off as they looked around, they could see a beautiful lake with water as clean as glass which glistened in the sunlight that led to the blue clear ocean. They also saw a tall clifsurrounded by palm treesthe cliff had beautiful clear waterfall coming out of it that went to the lake, the place was filled with tropical fruit that smelled delicious, as they gathered materials and went back to discover the crew was already there. They were amazed to see they had found the dazzling diamonds.  Callum showed the crew the monkeys, the crew were overjoyed to see the monkeys would be joining their adventure, the crew also found some items that could help to repair the sky ship, as Callum, Katy and Lucy found no materials. The sky ship wasn’t safe to sleep in because it mysteriously still kept falling apartso they all set up the shelter as night fell.   Suddenly a howling noise was whirling around them, sending cold, creepy shivers down their spines.  What was happening!?  

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