The unknown

Elle and her oldest brother Alex had just landed the sky ship and were jumping down on the beach. It was extremely dark and foggy so they struggled to see everything that was around them. They used candles from the sky ship to help them see the ocean and sand. The ocean reflected the moon and twinkled like the stars the sand was cold and damp from the sea yet felt so soft on their feet. Elle was still speechless from being on the sky ship it reminded her of the stories she had read with her brothers when she was younger.

While they were still walking down the beach they heard people scream and shout for help. Alex looked around but he didn’t see anything or anyone. They decided to cary on walking but Alex couldn’t stop thinking about what was there and why everyone was screaming for help.


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  1. yes gracie i loved it great punctuation and commas in the right place
    From Alice A x

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