Chapter 2

Lucy and Alfie barely made it on board the ship. After days of flying the captain shouted, “we’re coming into landing!” Lucy looked over the side of the ship. The landscape took her breath away there were dragons and flying horses in the sky. On the land there were unicorns, foxes and owls. The children were so busy looking down that they didn’t realise that they had landed in a dragon’s nest. They only noticed when the captain shouted “Everyone get out and push! We have landed in a dragons nest!” Lucy and Alfie exchanged alarmed glances. Then Alfie exclaimed “Quick Lucy! We need to get out and push, the dragon may come back any moment!” Just then the children heard wing beats, huge loud wing beats. Lucy shouted, “the dragon is coming back, everyone hide!

2 Responses to “Chapter 2”

  1. hi its Marcus I really love your passion how you’ve wrote your writing its one of the best.

  2. I really liked how you said that they barely made it on the ship. Also it was good how you said that they landed in a dragons nest and you could hear wing beating, wing beating loudly and when you put the animals in i wondered if you could of said that the horses were evil or something magical that they could do.

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