Dragon Debate

Should Dragons Be Allowed to Live Locally?


We have been discussing if dragons should be allowed to live locally many people think that this will be a bad decision as some rock dragons have spotted in caves around our area and have been eating farmers livestock.

Most people think that it would put us at risk as our town may be smashed with boulders also our farmers will be fed up of their animals being eaten and their hay being blown up. Additionally, dragons have been known for harming humans and burning crops. Furthermore, dragons are cold hearted animals and shall steal any shiny things they put their eyes on.

However, over people argue that most dragons eat crops witch can grow back after being taken also they can be tamed with ease witch is an advantage as we can ride them and not damage our environment. Furthermore, most dragons are good behaved and do not damage humans.

On my point of view, I think that dragons should live along side humans.

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