The Rainbow Dragon Debate!!!

Should dragons be allowed to live locally? 

Today we are going to be explaining and talking about this extremely hot topic, should dragons be allowed to live locally in our area? There is a rainbow party dragon family spotted in the Pavilion gardens fly around unleashed and untamed as quick as a flash everyone ran to safety. Someone called experts and police to sought this situation out. Th professionals came and made it clear so that everyone knew that these animals didn’t come to put us all under distress they came to help, but some people didn’t believe any word of it… 


On the other hand, most people believe that they are 100 percent safe! (They only believe that because they trust the experts!) Even though they look bigger than us and they have more dangerous abilities then us, but they will make our bills go down and they will be especially useful for this town. For example, in the freezing cold, white winter they would keep us warm with their burning, colourful breath. They could be used for transport and easy access to places, we could keep them in a warehouse and make it a nice and cosy home for them we can by a £10 extended piece of metal to make it even bigger for our gargantuan friends. 


However other people suggest that, dragons are capable of things that we might not know about no one ever in 1,000,000 years has ever let a family of dragons in their local area. Their moods could easily switch any time and I do not think it would be a pretty sight if they were angry, they could destroy the village, and everyone will have to evacuate. They may look reliable and really cool to have but you never know what they have gotten up their sleeve. 


 I think that we could give them a chance but any little thing they do that they should be sent away and be banned from any town in the whole World! Well looks like the dragons have a new home lets see how they do! 


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