StarGrazer 1976 2021 JAKE SWW

The baby dragon/Blue Spirit​ seemed cold, whimpering and shivering James dashed off to grab a nice fluffy blanket from his bed.

A few hours later, everyone had returned, back from fixing the tired, ripped balloon. Silently, they drifted on through the night grazing the stars and swiftly seeping into the clouds. Both the children had found a cosy space for the little dragon beside a slightly hot heater. It had eaten very well and drifted off to a deep sleep very suddenly.

James sat alone on deck, dreaming of seeing his home again and if he ever will. The glistening moon cast a bright spotlight over at his face. Marisa sat beside him her arm wrapping around his shoulders she never thought she would get tired of the everlasting ride.

It was at that moment, when they both heard scratching and bangs at the side of the ships walls. Marisa grabbed his hand and pulled him behind Captain Hawk’s comfy chair. ”

“What are you guys doing behind here” exclaimed the captain softly.
James told him about the things they heard on deck. Peering out the window they could just about make some shape on the roof.

Captain Hawk stared out and chuckled. ” Your so silly! that’s just the emergency boat incase we have an accident outboard, I think it’s time for you to get to bed now before you start imagining things”

Before long, the two children had climbed into their bunks dreaming of sky dragons and cloud fairies. Slithering past the moon we rode till dawn.

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