The Airship Ship Story Episode 2

Episode 2

Stella looks over to the crashed airship and wonders if everybody is ok.

She runs through the long grass and over to the airship and sees Scruff barking, the airship on fire and John lying on the ground. She hurries over to him now and sees he is stuck under a piece of the airship’s damaged wood. She helps him up, her face burning from the flames. She now knows the whole story.

Anxious, Stella looks over and sees the figure of a grassy green hill through the darkness of the night and sees a windy cobblestone path there. They are probably going to follow that path in the morning. Then behind her she feels a hot fiery breath stroke the back of her neck, the DRAGONS!

Running as fast as she can, the other crewmates follow her dodging the fiery breath, desperate to find cover. Frightened they leap down a hole under the tree trunk…

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