I have never ever

I have never been to Singapore,but I have been to Phillipines.

I have never eaten sushi,but I have seen people eat sushi.

I have never played games on xbox in a long time,but I have played games on PC.

I have never been to Canada,but I have seen how amazing it is.

I have never met Oliver Twist,but I have asked for more.

I have never written a bestseller that could beat Harry Potter,but I have written a hot task.

I have never won a lot of games in PE,but I have won a lot of games in video games.

I have never won the lottery,but I have earned a lot of money.

I have never met the Artful Dodger,but I have seen his personality.

I have never eaten a baby,but I am starting to eat them with my big mouth.

I have never seen an orange tree,but I have seen a cherry blossom tree.

I have never been to a plane in a long time,but I have been to a bus.

I have never flew before,but I have jumped up high.

I have never had superpowers,but I am strong.

I have never beat up a monster,but I have beat up a person.




One Response to “I have never ever”

  1. Wow, Hi!
    I really like this. It’s really funny-especially the part where you put… well I like all of it!
    I’ve always wanted to go to the Philippines, what’s it like? Just kidding. Don’t answer that.
    Ok, well, I think you could add a little more description, just a tiny smidge. Anyway, keep up the good work!

    Well done, Magdalena – Sacred Heart Chorley

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