From the ISS to climbing Mt Everest by Gracie

I have never…

Been on the International Space Station,

but I have done the moonwalk on my kitchen floors.


I have never swam with a dolphin around the world,

but I have ridden a horse around a National Wildlife Park.

I have never been on television ,

but I have filmed a video from within my bedroom walls.

I have never befriended an alien while being on the Eiffel Tower,

but I have been with my friends Jess and Thara in the playground at Belton.

I have never shaken hands with Boris Johnston,

but I have done a handshake with my friends.

I have never felt the shimmering stars that lie up in the sky,

but I have gazed up at them from my bedroom window.

I have never swam to the greatest depths of the ocean,

but I have dived to the bottom of the pool at the Meres.

I have never taught 5,000 people in a class on teachinglive,

but I have helped my friend Jess finish a maths question.

I have never swam alongside a shark,

but I have swam alongside my dad in the Netherlands.

I have never climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower to sharpen the point,

but I have stood and took pictures beneath it.

I have never been to the end of a rainbow,

but I have stared up at one from my car window.


I have never seen the sun rise from Mt Kilimanjaro,

but I have seen it glide swiftly down from my bedroom window.


I have never reached the height of Mt Everest,

but I have hiked up Catbells on a chilled spring day.

I have never felt the sharp, tall teeth of a Tyrannosaurus rex,

but I have seen the teeth of my fluffy tabby cat as it yawns.




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