Go and open the door by Beth

Go and open the door

Go an open the tanned door,
Maybe, there’s golden, lemon canary,
nipping at your golden, dandelion hair.

Go and open the arctic door,
Maybe, there’s a gas fire flame,
burning your denim eyes.

Go and open the midnight door,
Maybe, a shadow will strike at you,
emerging from the dark abyss.

Go an open the apricot door,
Maybe, the ginger smell will waft up your nostrils,
Or the cat, creeping up to your carved pumpkin.

Go and open the walnut door,
Maybe, you will hear a conker coloured dog,
madly barking at the raisin violin.

Go and open the cotton door,
Maybe, a sea of daisies will be covered in frost
Or a creamy cake, covered in pearl sugar,
Or even sea foam, drifting up to your sandy feet

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