I’ve never experienced the extraordinary.

I’ve never sung with a celebrity in London, but I have sung on stage a Gillibrand primary school,

I’ve never beat a curious cheetah in a running race, but I have beat my friends on while on my skateboard while we race down our street,

I’ve never seen a flying shark, but I have seen a frog hidden behind a statue in my backyard,

I’ve never befriended a buzzing bumblebee wearing black boots, but I have met many friends who all buzz with happiness,

I’ve never been on the Titanic, but I have been on a floaty in a pool on holiday in turkey,

I’ve never been on an aeroplane that flew to the moon, but I have been in a Ford Mustang that took me to KFC,

I’ve never seen a star that glowed as bright as fire, but I have touched a fake yet crystal clear diamond that broke of my old, toy crown,

I’ve never swam through the Great Barrier Reef alongside a trio of dolphins, but I have sat in a hot-tub with my cousins at centre-parks,

I’ve never climbed to the top of Olympus Mons on the sauna like Mars, but I have climbed the tall, old, oak tree in my back yard while it waves at it’s faded reflection in the window,

I’ve never seen the northern lights sparkle across a pitch black sky, but I have seen the tinted, white lights come from the street lights upon the motorway as I drive past watching the cars dart past like cheetahs sprinting towards there prey,

Ive never experienced the extraordinary, but I have experienced lots of fun.

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