Magical Doors

Through the amber door, basketballs bounce and dribble across the court, plump tangerines peel, tigers lurk in the bushes and goldfish in their tanks.

Through the emerald door, grass dances in the wind, The Hulk smashes yet another building and here an apple drips sweet yet sour juice.

Through the azure door, the sky looms over the world; water trickles into a mighty river and Paddington’s coat hangs high on a cliff-edged coat hook.

Through the crimson door, roses bloom, blood drips and danger screams loudly.

Through the daffodil door, sunflowers stare towards the bright yellow monster which hangs above. Sand dunes drift and gold waits to be discovered, buried deep in the Australian outback.

Behind the magenta door, a lavender’s scent drifts beautifully, high in the air and a purple bottle of ink tips and spills, staining the table.

Beyond the fuschia door, ballerinas dance and bright flamingoes pose, balancing on only one foot. Raffle tickets are bought and held safe tight in a palm.

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