Open the doors

 Go and open the blue door 

Maybe there is-

the sky might be beaming on you,

The ocean splashing around or

The stains of blueberry splash on you 


Go and open the yellow door 

Maybe there is –

The sun rays beaming at the perfect green grass,

a shred of lemon tingling your tongue or 

A slimy egg yolk splashing in your way 


Go and open the red door 

Maybe there is –

A fire warming you up, 

A field of poppies  or 

A red strawberry tingling your mouth


Go and open the black door 

Maybe there is – 

An ebony cat perched on the wall,

Death written on my face  or 

A  whirlpool spinning you around 


Go and open the green 

Maybe there is – 

An apple tree standing right in front your face,

A cactus pricking you or 

A million emerald shing, beaming in your face 


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