Principle’s sweaty hands by Carlie

I have never shook the Queen’s hand, but I have shook my old principle’s curly haired, sweaty, dry and oily hands.


I have never wanted to eat straight out of the pan eggs (disgusting) but I have wanted a big bole of caramel and white chocolate while it’s just starting to melt (very tasty).


I’ve never tasted the fresh taste of goat cheese but I have smelt the smell of cow blue cheese.


I have never owned a book of 100,000,000,000 pages but I have almost died by a book hitting my head and cracking it open.


I will never go to Jupiter, but I have gone to the shops that’s about four minutes away.


I have never spoken to The Rock but I have spoken to the shopkeeper at my local store, they sell all the ‘needs’ in the household.

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