I have never

I have never…


I’ve never been swept away in rapids, 

but I have swam in a lazy river.


I’ve never heard a dinosaur,

 but I have seen my little sister have a terrible  tantrum.


I’ve never flown with birds, 

but I have been whirled around in the air by my dad.


I’ve never written an award winning novel, 

but I have made up a story for my sister in her scarlet bed.


I’ve never seen a constellation, 

but I have seen the flickers of light in my sister’s sequin dress, like a midnight sky lit up by fireflies.


I’ve never touched or seen a ruby,

but I have seen juicy red tomatoes glistening in the sun.


I’ve never gone deep sea diving, 

but I have been drowned by toys.


I’ve never eaten the most delicious pizza ever created, 

but I have eaten al parco pizza.


I’ve never climbed everest to go sledding, 

but I have hiked up kite hill and wizzed down it again on a sled,

Into a tree and through some people.

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