If I were a door


If I were a  blue door,

I’d show you 

A bush of beautiful bluebells sprouting in the sunlight, 

Or an ocean orb  glowing in the darkness or 

a sapphire sea under a cyan sky. 


If I were  a  pink door, 

I lead you to  

Cherry blossom trees petals gracefully falling onto the floor, 

A pretty pink princess dancing in her ballgown or 

A basket of big sweet raspberries waiting to be eaten.


If I were a yellow door,

I’d guide you to 

Meadows of sunflowers shinning in the sunlight, 

Sour lemon slices next to a glass of lemonade or  

A jar of honey waiting it be spread onto a pice of toast.


If I  were a red door,

I would give  you 

Scarlett  roses, 

Ruby red apples in   baskets or 

A bowl of strawberries dipped in the finest chocolate. 


If I  were a black  door,

I would show you 

Jet black horses galloping along the beach,

 black Dahlias waiting impatiently to be noticed or

  Panthers postponed to  Prance. 


If I were a lilac door,

I would give you 

Chests of amethyst,

Baskets of lavender flowers or 

 Purple grapes on a silver plater.

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