A shattered mirror by Roza @Belmont

A  shattered mirror by Roza @Belmont

I have never captured an onimous pencil army on a sidewalk zooming vigourisly to the end of the finish line
But I have seized a villianious video of a pigeon gyrating on the sage green fence in my garden.

I have never heard Queen Mary I squeal of joy as loud as an corrupt areoplane
But I have heard a full classroom whispering and giggling intensely.

I have never seen octopi camouflage into the grumbling ground of Kara Sea
But I have stared at my reflection in a precious puddle on Hills and Hollows.

I have never ridden a lucious llama into Lidi with a shopping basket in Grantham
But I have drove in a Jeep in Germany on the way to Poland.

I have never held Belmont Community Primary School in the air at dawn while all the pupils are still arriving
But I have held my brother’s Nintendo switch controller while playing Super Mario Party with him.

I have never befriended a tremendous television playing Countdown
But I have become friends with my stuffed animal octopus.

I have never thrown a shattered mirror containing fourteen depressed souls
But I have thrown a beach ball at my dad at Skegness.

I have never tased Indian herbs invading the taste of rice and curry
But I have eaten scrumptious pasta with rice and oil on top.

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