Behind the mysterious doors by Pollie

Go and open the blue door.
Maybe, you’ll see an eye staring back at you ,
grapes ready for being picked,
or a lonely whale swimming.

Go and open the green door.
Maybe, you’ll see a cactus waiting for someone to get pricked,
frogs leaping into the water,
or a lime tickling your tongue.

Go and open the pink door.
Maybe, you’ll see tulips growing in the the sunlight,
cherry blossom falling from the trees,
or flamingos walking towards the water.

Go and open the red door.
Maybe,  you’ll see poppies growing in deep fields,
blood dripping slowly,
or strawberries getting picked.

Go and open the black door.
Maybe, you’ll see coal making fire,
a bat flying rapidly,
or a cloak made of shadows.

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