Bestselling Book by Honour 4J Gospel Oak

I’ve never climbed the empire state building and looked out over New York

But I have clambered up a tree on Hampstead Heath with my friends


I’ve never swam in the incredible Olympics and won a medal

But I have played on the water slide at the Lido


I’ve never written a bestselling book that everyone has

But I have drawn a comic and shown it to my family


I’ve never seen the twinkling emerald green northern lights

But I have gazed at the bright, glowing stars at night


I’ve never won Masterchef and gotten a sparkling, eye catching trophy 

But I have earned a medal in the tiring, everlasting fun run in Gospel Oak school


I’ve never stroked a fierce, ferocious leopard looking for prey

But I have hugged my loving cat Megatron, while he sleeps in his bed

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