Daybed by Sienna 4J Gospel oak

 I have never climbed the top of a scarlet London double decker bus moving

But I have climbed a small tree on the heath moving gently side to side 


I have never skydived off of a colossal skyscraper towering over the city

But I have bungee jumped on a bouncy trampoline


I have never swam as fast as a scaly shark

But I have swam as fast as a feathery duck


I have never swung across a silky vine in the wide amazon forest

But I have swung across the rope in the gospel oak ks2 wooden climbing frame in the playground 


I have never eaten a sour candy like my brother and sister

But I have a shiny glowing sour strawberry at greenwich when having a picnic


I have never seen a crocodile in a muddy sticky swamp

But I have seen a slow starving crocodile in a video while I was at my house


I have never been on a daybed in a fancy expensive hotel

But I have been on my soft bunk bed will playing with my brother 


I have never seen a furious great white shark swimming Rapidly while determined to find food

But I have seen a seal on a creamy golden beach relaxing on its back with the sun beaming on it.


I have never Befriended a fluffy cold polar bear stolling in the glacier 

But i have befriended a Slimy fish dashing in circles in the broken fish tank at my house


I have never gone to a elegant restaurant in Holly wood with a live performance 

But I have been to a restaurant on a holiday at Haven in Kent .

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