Dragons or parks?

I have never ridden on a fire breathing dragon

but I have been horse riding at centre parks.

I have never been on a private jet to hollywood

But I have Been on a plane hearing the sounds of babies crying.

I have never eaten crab legs in a fancy restaurant

but i have Went to a curry shop and ate some.

I have never been to new york city and look at the statue of

Liberty but i have taken a trip to the caravans at valley farm.

I have never befriended a wild alligator with sharp teeth

But i have I have held my baby puppies.

I have never took a lick of a mint flavoured gold coated ice cream

But I have had some strawberry and pistachio ice cream.

I have never to a glimpse of me walking on the moon

but i always  See the stars lighting up in the night sky

I have never took a glimpse of tokyo but i have been on holiday

But i have been To the beautiful, hot ibiza

I have never owned a golden tipped pen

but i have done some Colouring with my brothers coloured pens

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