I have done but not done

I have never cooked with Gordan Ramsey,

But I have cooked a fruit salad in my kitchen  with my brother.

I have never jumped on ruby red jelly,

but I have jumped on my trampoline in my back garden.

I have never been to Hawaii,

But I have been on the beach in Spain.

I have never fed a donkey,

But I have fed a turtle in Blackpool.

I have never climbed Big Ben,

But  I have climbed a hill.

I have never drove a car,

But I have rode my bike

I have never been to Buckingham palace,

But I been to Camber Sands.

One Response to “I have done but not done”

  1. I love you description, but remember to put a full stop at the end of this sentence” But I have rode my bike”

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