I have never, but I have

I have never, but I have.


I have never won 1st place, or a gold medal in the Olympics, but I have won sprinting races on sports day at school, trying to go as fast as a Cheetah.

I have never shot a real gun in the army, but I have shot a nerf gun in my back garden.

I have never swam 1000m competitively, but I have swam 800m in a nearby swimming pool with our school, like a fish.

I have never ridden a donkey down a farm lane, but I have ridden my aunt’s horse, like a horse rider, when I was young.

I have never had expensive Gucci shoes, but I have Nike Air 200 shoes. 

I have never jumped off a really high diving board, doing flips in the air, but I have jumped off the top diving board in the same nearby pool, dabbing in the air.

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