I have never…by Jalika @Belmont

I have never heard Lil Naz X perform on a live concert in London, but I have heard my performance when I sing in the shower.

I have never touched the Queen’s crown which has been protected by the case that guards the crown in London, but I have touched fat, blue blueberries from my Grandma’s garden.

I have never held a baby cub as it continues the journey of life with it’s charcoal stripes, but I have held a puppy after a few weeks of being born.

I have never watched a brutal crash on the A1 in the evening while on the way to London, but I have watched Netflix The great white while looking after the sea.

I have never seen the Northern lights on a peaceful night like a stargazer searching for constellations, but I have seen a shooting star on a Saturday night.

I have never visited Japan with the traditions as beautiful as the sunset, but I have visited The Gambia with a traditional music festival.

I have never ridden a donkey on Skegness beach in the after noon, but i have ridden a horse on The Gambia’s beach.

I have never tasted the fresh dragon fruit freshly picked from the emerald Amazon rainforest, but I have tasted a ripe green apple after school.

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