I have never… by Littia @Belmont

I have never ridden a train to a different dimension where demigods and monsters exist,
but I have ridden a plane across  a country.

I have never heard a rattlesnake shudder with its tail and never lose eye contact,
but I have heard a cockerel wake everyone up at dawn.

I have never felt a trophy as I cheer with my team about our big victory,
but I have felt proud when I was the star achiever.

I have never tasted a tropical jackfruit that has been shipped from South Africa just for me,
but I have tasted hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.

I have never captured a happy horse jumping around a field,
but I have captured a lucky ladybug on a tree.

I have never befriended a cheetah as fast as a bolt of lightning,
but I have befriended a cat.

I have never climbed to the top of Mount Everest as I see the view,
but I have climbed the hills and hollows and seen the sun set.

I have never held a hairy tarantula as it walks up my arm,
but I have felt a corn snake slither around my neck.

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