I have never floated through space…by Eliza

I have never floated in space…

I have never held a creepy, crawly tarantula,

but I have held a scuttling millipede at the Sea Life centre.

I have never swung from vine to vine in the Amazon Rainforest,

but I have climbed to the top of a very tall tree in the front garden of my house.

I have never caught a glimpse of Bigfoot, stumbling through the deep, dark wood,

but I have seen a wolf howling to the moon in a forest in Poland.

I have never laid down on a cloud,

but I have rested on top of my fluffiest blankets and pillows.

I have never floated through space,

but I have been mesmerized by the stars that shimmer like glitter sprinkled onto a pitch black surface.

I have never published a book for it to be displayed in the window at Waterstones,

but I have poured my heart into this poem.

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