I have never ridden a giraffe around the world .

I have never been given a creamy delicious ice cream and not eaten it

But I have been handed revolting sprouts at dinner and refused .


I have never run up the snowy sheets of Mount Everest without a coat

But I have stumbled up the fluffy stairs in my PJ’s.


I have never ridden a slippery slug to space  in a suitcase

But I have flown to Vietnam in a plane in a few hours.


I have never eaten the worlds biggest sizzle-y sausage in one gulp

But I have gobbled down a sensational ice cream in a few gulps [and got it all around my face].


I have never exercised on Mars in my PE kit

But I have done Joe Wicks during Lockdown in my PJ’s.


I have never been to Mars

But I have eaten a Mars bar .


I have never ridden a giraffe around the world

But I have sat on a horse trotting near Hickling barn .


I have never written a 1000000 page story

But I have finished this poetic poem.


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