I have never rubbed shining 24k gold- By Nishan 4J Gospel Oak.

I have never witnessed someone blasting an AK-47

but I have seen a firing nerf gun.


I have never rubbed shining 24k gold 

but I have touched the glittering metal on my kettle.


I have never step foot in a different country 

but i have been to the legendary natural history museum.


I have never seen an enormous dangerous great white shark 

but I have seen someone riding a cuckoo horse.


I have never eaten a golden covered tomahawk steak 

but I have gobbled up some delicious chicken.


I have never spied on MrBeast in real life 

but I love watching his wholesome videos.


I have never driven a speeding car 

but I played with toy cars when I was younger.


I have never climbed himalayan mountains with an gigantic backpack

But I have gone up a very steep hill.

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