If I were a door…. by Aiza

If I were a scarlet door,

I would show you

A field of red poppies,

Mushrooms glowing red

And ladybugs laying on leaves.


If I were a orange door,

I would show you

Autumn leaves falling off trees, 

Pumpkins would start glowing

And an orange sunset filling the sky.


If I were a yellow door,

I would show you

Honey like stars appearing in the sky,

Buttercups reflecting of the sun

And a freshly cut pineapple.


If I were a green door,

I would show you

Freshly cut green grass blowing in the breeze,

Emerald green eyes glimmering in the dark

Frogs jumping from one lily pad to another.

If I were a blue door,

I would show you

An azure butterfly fluttering above the ocean,

A soft blue cloud covering the sun

And a raindrop of water falling on to your head.

If I were a pink door,

I would show you 

Blossom start falling of trees,

Tulips filling the scent with air

And flamingos huddling near the shore.

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